Big Time Rush RZĄDZI!!

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Lex is pretty much awesome. She cooks amazing foods. She's better than unicorns and rainbows. And she can do a killer Macarena! czytaj dalej

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Heffron Drive Polska,

Jazz Christmas songs are just regular jazz songs, but they throw in a few notes that scream "jingle bells" so you know it's festive. czytaj dalej

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Wanted to jump on here real quick and say how thankful I am for all of you guys! Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!!! czytaj dalej

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I wish it were Sunday so I could watch Homeland! Anyone else a fan? czytaj dalej

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Wracam kochani!!

Went the the LA Auto show today not realizing the AMAs were going on right next was nice to meet all the fans outside though! czytaj dalej

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Nowa Piosenka (HD)!!

Trying to find a couple dates to go see my friends @HeffronDrive and @dbeltwrites on the #HDWinterTour.....any suggestions?... czytaj dalej

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